Planning a Sustainable Wedding at Brookfield Hall: Your Guide to an Eco-Friendly Celebration

by | Jul 3, 2023 | Weddings

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In an era where conscientious choices matter more than ever, many couples are choosing to celebrate their love in a way that respects our planet. If you dream of hosting a wedding that not only celebrates your union but also honours Mother Earth, look no further than Brookfield Hall. Here’s your guide to planning a sustainable wedding, filled with love, joy, and a touch of green.

Invitations with a Conscience

Begin with eco-friendly invitations made from recycled paper, or go completely paperless with digital invites.

Questions to ask:

  • Can I find a local supplier for sustainable stationery?
  • Are digital invitations a suitable option for my guests?

Locally-Sourced Catering

At Brookfield Hall, our chefs are dedicated to sourcing local and seasonal ingredients, minimising food miles and supporting local farmers.

Tips to consider:

  • Opt for a vegetarian or vegan menu to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Consider a zero-waste approach to minimise food waste.

Eco-Friendly Décor

Choose reusable items like glass vases and fabric table runners, or select biodegradable options.

Questions to ask:

  • Can I rent décor items instead of buying them?
  • Are there biodegradable alternatives for single-use items?

Responsible Floristry

Consider working with florists who use locally-grown, organic flowers, and avoid floral foam, which is non-biodegradable.

Tips to consider:

  • Use potted plants that guests can take home and plant.
  • Donate flowers to a local hospital or care home after the event.

Ethical Fashion Choices

Look for designers who use sustainable materials and ethical practices.

Questions to ask:

  • Can I find a vintage or second-hand wedding dress?
  • Are the garments made using ethical labour practices?

Travel Considerations

Encourage guests to carpool, or provide transportation options that minimise emissions.

Tips to consider:

  • Provide information about public transport options.
  • Arrange group transportation like buses or coaches to reduce individual car usage.

Thoughtful Favours

Gift your guests with something meaningful and environmentally friendly.

Questions to ask:

  • Can I gift a reusable item, like a tote bag or bamboo cutlery set?
  • Could a donation to a favourite charity be a fitting favour?

Waste Management

Ensure proper recycling and composting facilities are available.

Tips to consider:

  • Use reusable crockery and cutlery to reduce waste.
  • Discuss waste management with Brookfield Hall’s team to ensure proper disposal.


Sustainability doesn’t mean sacrificing style or sentiment. With careful planning and thoughtful decisions, your wedding at Brookfield Hall can be a beautiful celebration that also respects the environment.

Our dedicated team at Brookfield Hall is committed to assisting you in creating an eco-friendly wedding that aligns with your values. If you’d like to learn more about hosting a sustainable wedding with us, please contact us.

Here’s to love, joy, and a future that’s greener at Brookfield Hall!