Winter Wedding – Something A Little Bit Special

Winter Wedding - Something a Little Bit Special

Weddings are beautiful in any season. Here are a few things we think can make a winter wedding feel like a magical winter wonderland.

Make Your Wedding Special – Have it in Winter!

A wedding in any season is a joy, but you have got to admit a Winter Wedding has a little something this special. I don’t know whether it is the contrast between the chilly outdoors and the warm interior or just the winter wonderland feel when you glance out of the window at our glorious garden covered in a blanket of snow. Winter means indoors for your wedding you really need be warm and relaxed if you are to make the best memories. Its important to provide guests shelter from the cold

That Wintery Wedding Mood

We just love to ’embrace the season’ As the evenings draw near and the days get shorter, one of the most special and probably my favourite features of a winter wedding is the opportunity to use low lighting and candles. For that intimate wedding mood, dancing flames on woodland scented candles create a soft glow which ensures a mood, which is rich in intimacy. Having a wedding in winter on a larger scale can be lit with twinkling fairy lights, and flowers surrounding flickering flames making magical moments for your perfect winter wedding. 

The contrast between the crispness of the Beautiful Brookfield Hall black and white winter landscape and the rich colours of your flowers and fabrics makes a stunning element of any wedding photograph.

Exquisite Outfits for a Wedding in Winter

A wedding in winter can offer surprising extras too. Imagine the Hollywood star from a bygone time. Imagine her fabulous frock enhanced with a furry stole wrapped warmly around her shoulders. Then you have just had a glimpse of the perfect wedding dress. A faux fur stole or a simple wrap complimenting a dress made from the finest of fabrics, elegant, timeless, the perfect winter bride. 

Bridesmaids in deep berry hues, all shades of red, possibly deep crimsons or maybe burnt orange. For a natural palette take inspiration from the dark green tones a perfect reflection of our magnificent Lancashire evergreens decking our halls, fresh from our grounds. 

Suits made from Tweed in colours for the season, deep green or burgundy rich for a groom or groomsmen. A deep purple tie is a perfect addition.

Fabulous Winter Foods

Whilst the weather whips up a storm, our Brilliant Brookfield Hall Chefs whip up the perfect winter warmers to share with your guests. From sumptuous soups to ravishing roasts you will be delighted with our winter menus. Inspiration from the seasons with rich earthy veg and tangy winter fruits, perfect ingredients to make sure that your special winter wedding tastes as good as it looks. 

Winter warmer drinks including delicious coffees and teas. But of course, a winter warmer drink menu is not complete without mulled wine, cinnamon and oranges filling the air with the delicious aroma, delighting your guests and making a magical hello to each and every one of them.

Daring Winter Wedding Decor

Winter weddings are a delight to decorate. With an abundance of foliage, seasonal berries and beautiful seasonal blooms, your florist will be delighted to show their skills with these perfect ingredients. Our beautifully decorated suites are the perfect canvas to surprise your guests at your winter wedding. Keeping it natural, with berries and spruces, foliage and flowers or glitzy and glamorous, we guarantee your wedding will delight you and your guests.